Rhetorical Situation Worksheet
Rhetorical Situation Worksheet

Rhetorical Situation Worksheet

From what I got from the video Fatimah Asghar is speaking about recognizing your identity. During the video she spoke about how she found the message behind a Coca-Cola commercial to be beautiful when they started including kids of different ethnic backgrounds to sing the song. She then speaks on how she had difficulties on what she associated herself to be. This video was posted 7 years ago on Ted Talk.

The authors name of this speech is Fatimah Asghar who identifies as an American Muslim. Her investment on this issue is to bring more thought into the difficulties an individual might face when discovering their identity as a person within society.

This is presented to us and the people within the video as a speech where she also includes some of her own poems to convey and portray her message across the audience. I feel like with this being a speech and there being a video online it is able to engage the audience on a higher level compared to if this was written out as an article, book, etc… The author uses her own ideas along with experiences and other people’s experiences to discuss the issue of “identity crisis,” in society.

The intended audience for Fatimah Asghar is people who watch Ted Talks, people who struggle with having an identity crisis which includes properly distinguishing one’s ethnic background and or sex (such as bisexual, gay, trans, etc…) The reason to why I say this is because of the things she says throughout the video such as when she gave the example of “how can you identify as Focsani and American or how can you identify as both Muslim and Queer.

Fatimah Asghar is trying to inform and educate people on the importance of finding one’s identity and being able to distinguish yourself as your own unique person within society. I know this because she is giving information to the audience.

The main claim that Fatimah Asghar is trying to portray and put out within her speech is the importance of the ability for one to find their own identity, to be able to distinguish oneself within society.

One way that I liked how she supported her claims throughout this speech was the use of her own poems that she has made which not only engages the audience better rather than using “standard,” evidence but also shows and presents her as the writer that she is towards her audience. She used a poem that she wrote about her father passing away and a poem that she used to conclude her speech that was written fairly recently when she was feeling down and wanted to find a way to bring herself up.

One thing that definitely stood out to me was her use of her own poems. It’s nice to see an author use their own literary pieces to support their claim. It not only shows their knowledge and skill as a writer but also serves as another way to further engage with the audience to better their understanding of the ideas being presented to them. Another thing that I liked within this speech was her addressing a variety of groups (groups of different ethnic backgrounds and groups of different sexualities)

One thing that I want to remember about this speech is her message of having the comfort to finally be sure and most importantly be true to how you identify as your own unique individual within society.

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