English 110 freshman composition
Rhetorical Text and Analysis

Rhetorical Text and Analysis

Blue that has been tainted red

What it means to be safe

In the US it means to be protected

Protected behind the walls we put for one another as a Nation

Most importantly to feel safe in the arms belonging to those in blue uniform

Right? No…

Over time we were convinced “they,” were there to protect and serve

To give us what we had deserved

That those in blue would cease violence

That the least they could do was offer peace

Right? No…

Nowadays I have to worry

That being a minority meant I wouldn’t be priority                            

That depending on my Nationality 

I’d have to expect Police brutality

Now lemme ask

What does it mean to wear a badge?

It is to reflect and to build on the foundations made in the past

The foundations made so that our rights and our safety would last

Right? No…

Over time its meaning has lost purpose

It is no longer a time where this career holds dear to our hearts

But rather resembles hope that will disappear

Hope that eventually will lead to fear

We are supposed to feel saved

Not to feel enslaved

To be brave and to have faith


We don’t even know

What it means to be safe

(Warning disturbing footage)