Nobody mean more to me than you and the future life of willie Jordan
Nobody mean more to me than you and the future life of willie Jordan

Nobody mean more to me than you and the future life of willie Jordan

Reflecting back onto Phase 1 The text that I remember and will bring with me as we go along into phase 2 and the rest of this English class is Nobody Mean More to Me Than You And the Future Life of Willie Jordan. The reason to why I say this is the text that I will remember is that this was the first text that we read and class and the first text that I have ever read in my life that opened up my eyes to believe that it is okay to feel comfortable and be able to use your own voice whether that be through public speaking and or writing. This text certainly appealed to me for that reason. Throughout the entirety of my life I have been always taught to speak “properly,” and have people build a character for me based on what society thought “best.” My whole life I have felt limited to being the person that is expected out of me with society. I was able to relate to this text on a more personal level cause some of the experiences that the author of this text had to go through are experiences that I am able to understand and or relate to. For example in the text it states “We begin to grow up in a house where every true mirror shows us the face of somebody who does not belong there. whose walk and whose talk will never look or sound “right.” because that house is meant to shelter a family that is alien or hostile to us.” This sentence hit hard for me because its almost as if it hit home. growing up as a child who was born in the Philippines and moved here when I was three I never managed to fit in with the other kids of my age within my classes and always felt out of place in school because my difference in language and how bad my English was. Eventually, as the text implies towards the end I learned and understood that it is okay to be unique and different and that in fact it is better if it stays that way. A world to live in where everyone is alike is a world that is most likely to fail. There wouldn’t be anything special about anyone since everyone would basically be representing the same person. It would be a world without flaws and when something is too clean that is when something is most off.

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