Poem Packet
Poem Packet

Poem Packet

The three poems that I read from this packet were “Even the most kindhearted white woman, A small Needful Fact, and Bullet Points.” I found A small Needful Fact interesting because it was a poem describing how Eric Garner works at the Parks and Rec Department, to help grow plants, take care of the environment for all living organisms living in it. I liked this poem because a poem with such a simple concept it resembles how life is, how life all starts at the bottom and that it takes time and care and most importantly patience for it to grow nice and healthy. I also picked the poem Even the most kindhearted woman because it shows that no matter what you look like, no matter how innocent you may look like not everyone is who they seem to be. People are racially profiled every single day creating opinions about someone through perceived ideas without having met the person. This poem shows that there is truth to people out there to be revealed. And the last poem that I decided to pick was Bullet Points for the main reason where it hit a little personal for me. Not from my personal experiences but when I was younger I was considered as the Therapist of my friend group someone who was responsible for hearing, listening and helping those people who were in need, not as a “professional job but rather as someone who just wanted to help and make people happy. Reading this poem I remembered all the times where I would have friends/people feel this way, it isn’t at all traumatic but rather relieving to read this poem for the reason that I am just thankful that I were able to help those people and that they are doing well off now not needing my help anymore, finally…feeling happy.

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